BirthStones: A Gem To Cherish Life's Events

Cherish your month's life events with its assigned precious Gem: A birthday, an achievement, an anniversary, a new baby born, a moment to remember...

What's Your Life's Month Story ?


Since ancient times each month of the year has been associated with a precious stone. Ancient cultures believed that wearing a gem during its assigned month heightened its powers in addition of bringing protection and luck. 

Known as BirthStones in our modern times, the twelves gems have been prized by all major civilizations and cultures, crossing over from the East to the West.

Inspired by this tradition, at Maison Oolive we revive the BirthStones concept for designing and crafting more than a jewel of beauty but a personal jewel with an authentic meaning. Full of sense, full of life, full of emotions.

From Nature to the hands of our artisans, each piece has been created with artisanal craftsmanship and using only natural and precious materials ethically sourced (gems, gold and silver).