Create your individual jewel story with your personal Gem.

Celebrate your life's special and symbolic events with our birthstones.

In the XV century, ancient civilisations treasured birthstones, a jewellery concept that associates a unique, rare, and precious gem to each month of the year. Under this tradition, people wore birthstones to experience the power of their birth month gems, as legend has it, the gemstone radiates its magical powers to the wearer. Some wore it to mark meaningful life’s events from a specific month (like marriage and birth) or just because of the gem’s significance and spiritual meaning. In certain societies, birthstones were worn each month by everyone, to heighten the powers of gemstones in their respective months. Throughout history, gemstones have long fascinated humanity and inspired myths and stories with their symbolic sense and unique nature. From biblical times, people have used it as decorative and personal ornaments, religious symbols, amulets, lucky charms, and also for medical purposes.

We revive this concept to preserve its heritage and offer you a more authentic, meaningful and personalised piece.
You can select a gem in reference to any of your life’s special moments occurred on a specific month and enhanced it by the gem’s unique symbolic.
Our 12 birthstones gems are precious and semi-precious natural creation, each a one-of-a kind.