Our Story

Behind Maison Oolive there is a human story made of passion and creativity. There is Antoinette its designer & founder, her husband Loïc and their family-size team of artisans jewelers based in Thailand, heart of the world’s finest jewelery.
Our French boutique jewelery Maison was founded in 2018 in Hong Kong by Antoinette inspired by her passion for connecting with women through her designs and her vision of beauty: jewels made of simplicity and authenticity yet precious and meaningful for everyone.
At Oolive we refresh the conventions of the fine jewelery with a  personal and contemporary philosophy that combines fine artisanal craftsmanship, sustainability and approachable costs. A Know-How that creates an inclusive yet a qualitative & precious jewelry experience that resonates with meaning and individuality with the discerned ones.

Ethical & Social Commitment


Our raw materials are exclusively noble and naturals (gems, silver and gold) and sourced ethically worldwide before being transformed into jewels by the hands of our artisans and in the respect of their labor conditions.

At our scale we can't change the world but we can choose about the impact of our actions. 

At Maison Oolive we have chosen to have an artisanal production to preserve jewelery know-how and promote its arts transmission (even if that limits our production it also makes your jewel even more special and unique :) ). Our packaging uses recyclable premium paper and cotton fabric (even if that increases a little bit more our costs). We have chosen also to commit 10% of each jewel sold to support women in need because we believe we can't only build beautiful stories for ourselves. 

Our Craftmanship

Our Jewels are dreamed and hand -esigned by Antoinette in Hong-Kong and hand-crafted by our artisans jewellers in Thailand,
heart of the world's finest jewellery know-how.
Our natural and precious gems are hand-carved by our lapidary artisans specialised in the art of gems-cutting. Then,
the hands of our artisans jewellers transform the precious metals into delicate and detailed jewellery shapes before setting their gems. 
Crafting your Oolive Jewel takes over 60-120 days of passionated work.

The Name



Our first "O" embodies the community of women the brand wants to build.
A community where women embrace who they are, live meaningfully and support each other.


"olive" is inspired by the story of the olive tree, which strength and power have been a symbol of luck and life since ancient human cultures. Emperors, Kings and Queens cherished olive trees such as gemstone and claimed both to be the most magical and valuable natural creations available on earth. A gift of God for blessing humanity.

Such as an olive tree, a gem is crafted only by the influence of nature.

Such as every month brings a new cycle in the life of an olive tree, Oolive’s gems collection of birthstones epitomizes so and each of its twelve gems is a symbol of life’s re-new and celebration.