A word from our founder

Oolive is all about appreciating natural beauty & craftmanship. Is a lifestyle. It's an emotion.
My way of creating unique pieces with an authentic and personalised meaning, for people seeking for more.
My way of encourage women to bloom with their own natural beauty as each of our precious gems does.
My way of building a better world through our ethical and social actions.
Thank you for being part of our story !
With love,

We are Ethical & Social

We have chosen to create a better world through our actions.
We source and produce responsibly and we give-back to our society.
10% of the cost of your jewel will be allocated to support women in need.
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Our Craftmanship

Each of our necklaces is handmade designed by our founder and handmade crafted in precious materials by craftsmen jewelers.
We only use natural and precious materials: natural precious and semi-precious stones, silver and gold.
Crafting your necklace takes over 60 days of passionated work.

The Name



Is for embody our sense of community. We want a brand that builds a community through our pieces where women embrace who they are, live meaningfully and support each other.


 Is because of the olive tree which has been a source of inspiration for our story. In ancient civilisation, its uniqueness, symbolic and specific properties were cherished and valued as much as a gemstone. Indeed, the tree resists to all season, even fire and its abundant blooming and fruits properties were vital in providing economic growth. A blessed tree, which fruits seed back another tree to keep on its purpose. The olive tree reflects on our brand story and social purpose.